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Why Pravaas Property Management

Is your property facing rapid price deprecation? Are you investing frequently on property maintenance? Are you spending too much personal time on managing your properties?

There reasons are many – unscientific handling, environmental degradation, gross avoidance, vandalism. But the truth remains that your valuable investment needs more care and attention than ever before...

At Pravas, we bring a wholly practical approach to property management for the short-term and long term benefits to your property. We have the exposure and experience of managing properties in various US cities. Now we bring the same high-end technologies and scientific methodologies into managing your property in Bangalore. We understand the nature and demands of each buildings for early problem detection and maintenance.

Our management services actively covers the various prospects of your properties. We constantly check/track the various quality factors on a timely basis to maintain the highest standards. We co-ordinate and hire expert services from across sectors – from high-end interior designers to the plumbing works with equal grasp. We are also handling Plumbing works, Flooring works, carpentry, painting, electrical maintenance' landscaping works etc...

We also bring the financial management aspect of your properties under our care-taking. Now keep track of your property rentals and leases with our comprehensive bookkeeping. We also help you find the best prices for the proposed maintenance and up-gradation tasks.

We share your dream for a better property value and quality-maintenance on the long-run. With us get the best of all property related services rolled-into-one!